JavaScript библиотеки

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JavaScript libraries


  • 12 крайне полезных приемов в JavaScript (12 Extremely Useful Hacks for JavaScript)
  • PhantomJS — это возможность работать с WebKit из консоли используя JavaScript и без браузера и поддержкой различных стандартов и технологий: DOM, CSS, JSON, Canvas и SVG. (Создание юнит-тестов, скриншотов страниц)
  • Push.js — решение для кроссбраузерных уведомлений с помощью JavaScript Notifications API
  • expand.js — библиотека из 80+ элементов и 350+ функций-утилит
  • Ember Hearth — приложение для управления Ember-проектами
  • Сравнение библиотек для построения графиков (JavaScript Grpahs)
  • Viewport.js — библиотека для продвинутой прокрутке по разделам
  • Animate Plus — производительная JS-библиотека, помогающая анимировать свойства в CSS и атрибуты в SVG
  • basicContext — легкое в использовании контекстное меню для вашего сайта
  • PreViewTube: небольшой jQuery плагин для анимации миниатюр YouTube
  • Famous Engine — высоко-производительная JS библиотека для анимаций и интерфейсов (использует WebGL)
  • gDoc.js — использование Google Spreadsheets как CMS (gDoc.js — Use Google Spreadsheets as your CMS)
  • Pixel.js — software & hardware библиотека для создания больших интерактивных дисплеев
  • microlight.js — микро-библиотека для улучшения читабельности кода с помощью стилевых выделений
  • barba.js — библиотека для создания плавных переходов между страницами сайта (Create badass, fluid and smooth transition between your website’s pages.)
  • Masked Input
  • Color Brewer
  • Dropzone
  • FuelUX
  • Parsley
  • Data-Driven Documents
  • Gritter
  • UIFaces
  • Sound Jay
  • Typeaheadjs

Диаграммы и графики


  • Elevator.js – «Back to Top» button that behaves like a real elevator.
  • Slideout.js – Touch slideout navigation menu for your mobile web apps.
  • Hammer – Javascript library for multi-touch gestures.
  • Responsible.js – Give mobile visitors the option of viewing either the desktop or mobile layout.

Карусели, слайдеры и галереи

  • ItemSlide.js – Simple JavaScript touch carousel with support for touch swiping & mousewheel scrolling.
  • lory.js – Touch-enabled minimalistic slider written in vanilla JavaScript.
  • Simple Lightbox – Touch-friendly image lightbox for mobile and desktop with jQuery.
  • Chocolat.js – Responsive jQuery lightbox plugin.
  • jQuery lightgallery – Lightweight, customizable, modular, responsive, lightbox gallery plugin.


  • Plumin.js – Create and manipulate fonts using Javascript.
  • Unicoder.js – JavaScript library that converts text to some of the more artistic unicode alphabets.
  • underline.js – Javascript library that sets out draw and animate the most perfect and playful text underline.
  • Readable – jQuery plugin for creating readable paragraphs.
  • substituteteacher.js – JavaScript library that lets you substitute sentences for each other.

Responsive Image Solutions

  • Rimg – Pure JavaScript responsive image solution for browsers that support mediaqueries.
  • ResponsifyJS – jQuery plugin that makes images truly responsive.

Image Editing

  • PixelFlow – An image pixelating filter jQuery plugin using canvas.
  • Smartcrop.js – Content aware image cropping.
  • Image Blur Plugin – Ultra-light cross browser image blurring plugin for jQuery.

Lazy Loading

  • Layzr.js – Small, fast, modern, and dependency-free library for lazy loading.
  • AntiModerate – Progressive image loading library.

Form Plugins

  • Awesomplete – Ultra-lightweight, highly customizable and simple autocomplete jQuery plugin.
  • Submitter – Simple jQuery form submitting plugin.
  • jQuery Nice Select – Lightweight jQuery plugin that replaces native select elements with customizable dropdowns.
  • datedropper – jQuery plugin that offers an easy way to manage dates for input fields.
  • Instantsearch.js – Library of widgets designed for high-performance instant search.
  • notie.js – Clean and simple notification plugin.

Accessibility Tools

  • tota11y – An accessibility visualization toolkit.
  • ally.js – JavaScript library to help make accessibility simpler.
  • emojify.js – Javascript module to convert Emoji keywords to images.


  • iconate.js — трансформация иконок с классной анимацией
  • Animate-Plus – Performant JavaScript library that helps you animate CSS properties and SVG attributes.
  • Dynamics.js – Javascript library for creating physics-based CSS animations.
  • mo · js —  инструмент для создания анимации в вебе
  • cta.js – Lightweight library for animating your «action-to-effect» paths.
  • jQuery.smoothState.js – Unobtrusive page transitions with jQuery.
  • ramjet.js – Library that morphs DOM elements from one state to another with smooth transitions.
  • Animsition – Simple jQuery plugin for CSS animated page transitions.
  • vivus.js – Lightweight JavaScript class that allows you to animate SVGs.

Полезные утилиты

  • epicGrid – Pure, lightweight, responsive Javascript solution for building grid systems.
  • gridstack.js – jQuery plugin for widget layouts.
  • Roll – JavaScript library to help you keep track of position, scrolling, and pagination.
  • Rune.js – JavaScript library for programming graphic design systems with SVG in the browser.
  • clipboard.js – Modern approach to copy text to clipboard.
  • Challenger.js – Drop-in JavaScript library that adds interactive programming pop-up challenges to any page.
  • html5tooltips.js – Light and clean tooltip library with CSS3 animation.
  • egg.js – Simple javascript library to add easter eggs to web pages.
  • Annotator.js – Plugin for highlighting, sharing, adding notes and tags to any selected text on a page.
  • Svidget.js – JavaScript framework for building fantastic SVG widgets.
  • Vorlon.JS, Open-source, extensible, platform-agnostic tool for remotely debugging and testing JS.
  • Space.js – HTML-driven JavaScript library for narrative 3D-scrolling.
  • JavaScript Garden – Collection of docs about the quirkier parts of JavaScript.